Homeboat is the floating house in the quality of villa or appartment.

It can be in navigatible or floating variant, all depends on the desires and options.

We will make you an offer based on your requests.

- What is difference in comparison with the other woonboats?

- Idea to leave on water is not new , all depends on the quality.

- What is the living space?

- Living space is from 50 to 100 and more sq.m, depending on the type.


- Where can I place it in Belgium?

- Homeboat is sportboat with certificate C EMCI, that means you can place it in any inner port or in the coast ports, to navigate on all inneer waterways as channels and rivers.

It is specially designed to allow:

               -travelling along European channels and locks, low bridges including;

               -staying in the frozen water ;

               -living all year round, including winter;

               -being equipped with optional electric drive package to  be used in restricted eco-waters;


- Do I have to take it out for winter?

- No , construction allows to stay in ice up to   sm

- Can it be used for permanent living?

- Technically yes, administratively it has to be agreed with the port or locality; We can propose berths at Westhoek Marina, our partner.

- Can the design of the woonboat be adapted to my needs?

- Yes in the frames of the basic certified construction, you can discuss it with our specialists


- What are the main characteristics that make it special?

- Quality construction and finishing;

- Certificate C EMCI;

- Flexibility in design;

- Variosity of optional equipment;

- How it can be used?

- As second residence, vacation boat, for renting out.

- Why to buy Homeboat and not normal boat?

- Only if you want to enjoy staying on water, travelling and comfortable living in one …