Floating Villa 50

Floating Villa 100

The design combines the aerodynamics of a boat with the convenience of real home. The Homeboat are outfitted with one or two bedrooms and two extra bunks for children, with a separate shower and toilet. A whirlpool and sauna are also available. The big terrace with easy access gives you a panoramic view for the ultimate holiday felling.

  Our swimming holiday apartments in the style of the "Floating Villa" fulfill every requirement for comfortable living on the water, and can be equipped with many accessoires, starting with an engine to drive on lakes, rivers or channels. Whatever you decide on the fixed type attached to the pier or the driving variant for the mobile traveller, we react to your needs in many different dimensions.

Our Floating Villa 50 is a compact version of the Floating Villa 100 and is another opportunity for vacationing on water. Fifty square meters are ideal for 2 to 4 people.

 The spacious roof terrace and sunny rooms give you the perfect holiday felling. It's ideal for people who want to have a smaller boat, which still provides all amenities.

Our Floating Villa 100 has living space for up to 6 people on 100 square meters for long holidays or permanent living. It's comfortably designed like a chalet on the water to cater for all your demands.

Two big bedrooms, two bunks, a toilet, a complete bathroom, a kitchen and a sunny living room with covered terrace fulfill almost all wishes. Your own pier can also be used for a jump into the water.